I am a fiction writer. All of my stories on this site or for sale at various book distribution outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. are FICTION. All characters are original and don’t represent anyone living or dead. Brief references to actual celebrities, products, and places are used fictitiously and in accordance with fair use.

Many photographs on this site are bought from stock photo sites. I don’t know the models, and no model in these photos knows where their photo is going to end up. If you happen to know the model, you should not assume ANYTHING about the model’s life from his appearance on a blog or an ebook. Unless I specifically state I took the photo myself, I can’t put you in touch with the photographer or the model. If you want to buy a similar photo for your own book or site, I can only tell you what stock photo site I happened to use.

I am an Amazon affiliate. If you buy something from Amazon through my link, sometimes I get five cents on the dollar or so. That isn’t enough money to make me sell you anything I don’t use and believe in myself. If I recommend a book or a product, it’s because I like it. But I’ll try to get any advertising down to a very low level.

Although these books are not erotica, they sometimes include some steamy scenes between adult male characters. If you are uncomfortable with gay guys getting it on, you won’t like my books. Click away from my site, and find something you like better. Almost all of my characters swear. Most of them drink. Some of them smoke and gamble. One or two of them probably has an eating disorder. My books are romance but they are not meant to be so unrealistic that you can’t get lost in the story. In my world, sorry, nobody says, “Oh my goodness!” If you’re easily offended, I’m probably not the right writer for you.

As a creative person myself, I respect the rights of other creators. I try to make sure all art, photos, writing, fonts, etc. is properly sourced. If you see your work here and it is not properly credited, please let me know so I can fix the situation. I try to put all credits on the same page where I use the work so that other publishers will know where they can find the same photographers, fonts, etc. But I’m happy to answer questions. Just drop me a line.