“Married for the Millions” and “A Model Hookup” are here

“Married for the Millions: A Gay Marriage of Convenience Romance” and “A Model Hookup have arrived.

Married for the Millions is the story of what happens when soap opera star Cody and celebrity dog trainer Shane are advised to get married to prove they can provide a stable home for a dog that just inherited a nine million dollar trust.

While this novel is fiction, it was inspired by actual cases of million-dollar pooches. Fun!

For a limited time, Married for the Millions is available exclusively on Amazon, which means you Kindle Unlimited readers can read it for free. However, I love all my readers, so I have also published a short story about Cody and Shane’s first meeting, available almost everywhere, called A Model Hookup. You can hit the link to see where it’s available for free download at iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and more. If you’re an Amazon reader, here’s the Amazon previewer.