“The Runaway Father” sneak preview in paperback

Carlin loves a rock star with a thousand secrets. Stoney’s son is the secret that might tear them apart. A full-length 270 page novel set in the world of the Runaway Model.

A lot of Runaway Model readers asked for Stoney and Carlin’s story. One day I woke up and saw in a flash the nature of the final secret that could rip them apart. The strange thing is, it’s hinted at in the short story, “Blackmail Boy” — even though I didn’t have it yet in my conscious mind what the secret actually was. In the tradition of any tortured artist / rock star romance, they go through some dark places before they find their happily ever after.

“Reading Steele,” An MC Bad Boys Romance has Landed…

cover Reading Steele

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One bite from a mutant scorpion gives Damon the power to read minds. With his gaydar super-boosted, he learns some amazing things about the hot guy in the local MC…

“Reading Steele: A Motorcycle Bad Boys M/M Romance” is a 14,000 word (50 page) novella complete in one book. It’s a standalone with a HFN ending that suggests at further possible adventures but does NOT end in a cliffhanger. Amazon has kindly provided us with a previewer so if you want a sneak peek inside at the first few pages, check it out.