Reaction Shot: A BDSM Thriller is here!

Reaction Shot; A BDSM Thriller

Reaction Shot: A BDSM Thriller is a departure for me. It’s still hot male/male contemporary romantic suspense fiction in a variety of US and international settings, but this novel contains a strong element of kink since it deals with two main characters who are active in the BDSM lifestyle. If this kind of thing is not for you, don’t worry. I have two more non-BDSM books– including The Runaway Father, Book 3 of the Runaway Model series– coming soon. But this is a story I’ve been working on for a long time, and I decided to share it with those of you who feel like taking a walk on the twisted side of the street.

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This is a fast-paced read that goes at breakneck speed. And here’s the blurb:

What happens in the dungeon doesn’t stay in the dungeon.

The official story was that I was the ex-boytoy of some now-disgraced Chinese billionaire. The gay wasn’t an issue. Even the BDSM wasn’t an issue. The issue was money-laundering. As long as the powers-that-be saw me as just another party boy, I was safe. Or so I thought.

Then somebody set me up for a kinky scene in Vegas with a guy who turned out to be Hollywood’s latest A-list action star. Lyndon’s gay and ready to play, with a strong taste for dominating younger men. I hate to admit it, but I was attracted to the arrogant son of a you-know-what almost immediately.

Of course, it’s all fun and games until we find out somebody’s got our whole twisted encounter on video…

Reaction Shot is a complete 150-page short novel including all four episodes of this gay male BDSM suspense thriller– Audition, Camera, Action, and Cut.