My First 5 Star Review for “The Runaway Model”

Here’s a pre-release review of my upcoming novel, The Runaway Model. Eek, I’m blushing. Thank you so much. You can read the whole thing at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews, but here’s a little quote I like: “If you’re looking for a well-written adventure involving beautiful and successful young men, if you’re into watching characters develop and take shape right before your eyes, if you want to have a heck of a good time reading, you must not miss “Runaway Model”.

The book goes on sale at Amazon on Feb. 17, and the 99cent opening sale will go through Feb. 20, as a thank you to all of my early readers. To make sure you don’t forget to order while it’s still on sale, you could pre-order right now. The paperback edition was went live yesterday without any publicity, so if you’re a paperback reader and want one of the first copies, feel free to order right here. We’re also putting the finishing touches on the Kobo, Nook, & iBook versions, currently also scheduled for release on Feb. 17. If at all possible, I’ll also be doing a three day 99 cent (or equivalent for your country) for those stores.

I’m starting to get so excited.

The Runaway Model