Welcome to the sometimes glitzy, sometimes gritty world of Parker Avrile. I write male/male contemporary romance. I love all kinds of stories, but I seem to return again and again to writing about up-and-coming gay celebrities who have to fight for their Happily Ever After in a reality TV world. I also like puppies. Of course, I don’t always write about famous people. But I like to write about successful guys who know what they want and have a plan for how to get it. Here’s a quick guide to my books. While Amazon was kind enough to supply me with previewers, many books are available at other distributors. Just follow the Books2Read link to buy or download in your favorite store.

Star Turn: A Gay Hollywood Romance
A Siberian Husky brings Eric and Tyler together. A scheming Hollywood producer– who is also Tyler’s father– might tear them apart.

Doctor Carston’s Honeymoon: A Married for the Millions Story
This one’s just for fun. Cody and Shane finally get their real honeymoon on a private island. Hilarity ensues.

Married for the Millions: A Gay Marriage of Convenience Romance
Cody must prove he can provide a stable home for a dog who just inherited a million-dollar trust. What better way to do that than to marry his hunky ex, celebrity dog behaviorist Shane?

Tonight’s Encore: A Second Chance Gay Romance
Readers seem to be loving this story. Currently available as an Amazon exclusive, it asks this burning question: Can you get a second chance with your first love if he’s become a famous rock star?

The Runaway Model Trilogy Novels

All stores selling The Runaway Model can be found here.

All stores selling The Runaway Millions can be found here.

All stores selling The Runaway Father can be found here.

The Runaway Novel Short Stories (Can Also Be Read As Standalones)

A list of online stores selling “Blackmail Boy” can be found here.

A list of online stores selling “Unfreezing.”

A list of stories selling “Infinity in Blue.”

Standalones Novels

All Mine is now available pretty much everywhere. Click for a full list of places where you can grab your own copy.

The controversial Reaction Shot: A BDSM Thriller can be found at these stores.

Standalone Novellas

Final Jackpot is available here.

Reading Steele is available at these stores.

Vegas Friend is available at these stores.

The blog photo of the running man was the working cover for Book 1 of The Runaway Model. I didn’t realize when I first got started on this project that I was writing a trilogy, so we had to completely re-design the cover. But I hope we can all feel inspired by a photo of a cute guy running down the street carrying flowers.

Photo Note: Model photo by konradbak at Can Stock Photo Inc, Paris city background by Shepard4711 under a Creative Commons Share Alike 2.0 license, BellaBoo Font by Marcelo Reis Melo